Air Condition Repair

Auto A/C Repair Services

Is your vehicle having heating and cooling issues? A car or truck’s A/C requires regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently. It’s important that the A/C system is serviced routinely to keep it running smoothly. Otherwise, you may be riding around in discomfort.

Maintaining your AC System is very important:

Over time, your heating and A/C system wears down. Hoses may clog, crack, or possibly even develop a leak. This will eventually lead to a total breakdown of your car’s air conditioning.

Typical signs that your vehicle is having issues with its heating and cooling system are:

  • Your air conditioning barely blows, or is not much cooler or warmer than the air outside of your vehicle.
  • You smell an odd, musty smell when running your heat or air.
  • In cold weather, the heat isn’t very warm.
  • The defroster does not work properly
  • Your heating and air conditioning only works when the vehicle is in motion, not at a red light or standing still.
  • Your system does the opposite of what you intended. If you run air conditioning, it blows warm, if you use the heat, it blows cold air.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your heating and A/C system, which  includes:

  • Examining the internal controls and wiring
  • Examining the blower
  • Checking radiator  and related systems, which include testing the coolant operating temperature, checking hoses for cracks and leaks, and the thermostat
  • Inspecting the heating and air conditioning system from end to end and seals for leaks or various other damages.
  • Inspection of the compressor belt
  • We run a pressure test on the system
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