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We have been rebuilding transmissions for over 24 years

Economy Transmissions of Knoxville covers the full spectrum of automotive drive train repair, including automatic and standard transmissions for both foreign and domestic vehicles. Our specialty is the service and repair of high-end automobiles that require your technician to possess a higher degree of training and knowledge to effectively address your needs. Our staff is hand-picked and dedicated to providing you top-end service and expert repairs.
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What we are talking about here is “Professional Service You Can Afford.”

Clutches, CV joints, automatic or standard, we’ve got you covered. Not sure of the problem? No problem; we offer state-of-the-art testing for electronic transmissions. We utilize the most advanced diagnostic equipment available in identifying your automotive issues. With today’s more complex, computer-controlled transmissions, it takes a real expert to be able to diagnose a transmission problem correctly. Economy Transmissions of Knoxville offers you that expert service.

Sometimes just getting your car to be serviced can be a headache, not to mention the added expense of getting it towed in for that service. Economy Transmissions of Knoxville is the answer; we offer free towing service when we perform the repairs for you – less stress, lower expenses. That’s not all; let our expert technicians perform a check-up on your automobile absolutely free of charge. Owning an expensive car doesn’t have to mean it’s expensive to maintain or repair. Let Economy Transmissions of Knoxville show you how the pros do it.

Manual Transmission Repair

Basics Behind Manual Transmission Repair Services at Economy Transmissions of Knoxville
Manual transmissions allow drivers to shift between gears manually while simultaneously regulating power and speed. Manual transmissions have a clutch, flywheel, gear selector fork, collars, gears, and shafts. A shaft supplies power from the engine to the transmission. The clutch is responsible for connecting and disconnecting the shaft from the transmission. The stick shift controls the gear selector fork by choosing gears. These gears and shafts are responsible for routing power from the engine to the transmission and to the drive wheels. Manual transmission fluid cleans the internal gears, shafts, bearings, and other components. Transmission fluid also helps to regulate the internal temperatures of the transmission.
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Why should you get your manual transmission repaired by Economy Transmissions of Knoxville?
A manual transmission service is essential for keeping your manual transmission in optimal condition. Because the transmission fluid naturally degrades over time, replacing the fluid is important for keeping gears and shafts moving smoothly. Sometimes leaks occur in the transmission and a reseal may be required. Other times, the clutch will slip or refuse to engage or disengage. Noises are also a sign that something is not working correctly in your vehicle’s transmission. All manual transmission components require maintenance from time to time. At some point in the life of your transmission, a fluid change will be necessary to keep your manual transmission operating efficiently. Consulting your owner’s manual for service intervals will help in planning for a specific manual transmission service before a breakdown or malfunction occurs. Manual transmission repairs will help extend the life of the transmission and optimize the performance of your vehicle.
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Automatic Transmission Repair

The Basics Behind Automatic Transmission Repair Services at Economy Transmissions of Knoxville
A transmission is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the drive wheels and helping the engine accommodate a range of speeds. An automatic transmission routes power from the engine to the drive wheels while shifting between gears automatically so you can concentrate on regulating power and speed. Automatic transmissions contain the following major components: a planetary gear unit, a hydraulic pump, and a torque converter.

The primary difference between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission is the torque converter, which operates similarly to the clutch. The torque converter automatically adjusts to engine speed and supplies power to the wheels of the vehicle. Torque converters rely on transmission fluid to help lubricate internal gears and components, though transmission fluid also helps with the force and pressure needed for switching gears. Throughout an automatic transmission’s life, various maintenance services can help prevent major repairs and unexpected breakdowns while extending the life of your transmission.

Why Should You Have Automatic Transmission Repair Services Performed at Economy Transmissions of Knoxville?
An automatic transmission service is designed to prevent unexpected failure and to keep your transmission functioning optimally. A few things that can lead to an automatic transmission service include towing heavy loads and insufficient levels of transmission fluid. Checking transmission fluid levels is important for keeping all internal gears and components clean and lubricated. Grinding noises and leaking will alert you to potential problems early. If you notice a burnt smell emanating from your vehicle’s transmission, there may be a problem with your transmission’s ability to retain fluid. A lack of routine maintenance can contribute to automatic transmission trouble. Replacing a transmission can be expensive, so staying on top of automatic transmission repairs and basic maintenance is important for maximizing the life of your transmission.

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